Case Study: Rotary Drums Done Right

MetalTech Systems - General Kinematics Recycling/Foundry/Mining Sorting Equipment and Systems

Challenge A Canadian foundry had several rotary drums in their facility and were looking to update one of their rotary drums. Their application required careful handling of intake manifolds, yet needed to be aggressive enough to leave a clean casting surface with no damage.   Approach The foundry had existing General Kinematics conveyors, feeders, and…

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LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liners and Bodies by General Kinematics

Do you have a rotary drum in your foundry that is showing its age, but are not ready to purchase a new one? GK’s patent pending LOCK-TITE™ rotary drum liner system and replacement bodies are designed to upgrade your existing rotary machine to the latest in rotary technology.     Reline your existing drum If…

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