BAGSTOR HT (Bag Opener)

Universal – Modular – Robust: Hartner Bagbreaker BAGSTOR HT

Bagopener BAGSTOR-HT guarantes an optimal opening of Bags and a very good dosing. A system that can be adapted to your operation due to its modular construction. Each sorting chain can be loaded continuously by different modules, making effective use of availablespace. The storage volume can be increased at any time by adapting a further module.

The machine consists of an rugged and modular Push- Panel-Floor and a bagopener-Unit which consists of three functional components.

• A mechanical-electrial Limitation of the high of the material.
• An Limitation of the high of the transported
• material and patented cutting-unit.

By using this combination of elements the machine reach an very high opening and deflation-rate. The machine can be adapted to different material by pushing a button. The patented active trash monitoring for big trash guarantes also a operation without failure.

• The material in the bags will not be crushed
• Undestroyed Recyclable – optimally prepared for the further process
• Adjustable by a push of a Button
• Optional Weighing System for fully automatic Operation
• Also usable for dosing the material only




• Modular expandable Bunker
• Robust Push-Panel-Floor
• Adapted bag opening unit
• Trash-Monitoring System
• Ruged Chain Conveyor
• Interchangeable cutting knives
• low-maintenance design


• Co-mingled material
• Light packaging material
• Wastepaper in bags
• Biodegradable waste in bags
• Light industrial and commercial waste in bags (impurities less than 30 cm)

Functionality BAGSTOR HT:


1. The Material filled in with Wheelloader.



1: Material is transported by Chain Conveyor to Bag Opening Unit.
2: Oszillating Opening System open Bags.
3: Opened Bags will transported underneath the Sensors bars opened and emptied.


Trash Monitoring:


1: Trash
2: On High Resistance Bag Opeining System will be moved hydraulicaly.
3: Bunker stopped until Trash passed the Bag Opener and Opening Unit is back in original position.

Filling height limitation:


1: Bag Opener full
2: Material circulate and push the Sensor bars up.
3: Bunker stopped until filling height lowered and
Sensor bars back in lower position.