Rotary Trommel

GK Rotary Trommels are designed to efficiently separate and size recyclable material that is prone to sticking or jamming in other secondary separation technology.


Heavy-duty drive systems and trommel bodies are easy to clean and easy to maintain. Super-duty trommel designs impart greater impact force to the product and are optimized for materials such as glass recovery and shingle processing. For more information on rotary trommels, contact a GK Recycling Technology expert.


  • Material infeed can be through either a bag opener for municipal waste or to a bypass feeder for C&D and other non-bagged materials.
  • Separation is achieved using GK’s FINGER-SCREEN™ for initial separation, a vibratory fines screen, and through the use of GK’s DE-STONER® Air Classifier.
  • Ferrous separation is also available on the A line, B line, or both.