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Palmer No-Bake Molding System at Southern Aluminum Foundry

In 2013, Southern Aluminum Foundry completed a $500,000 expansion to their No-Bake Process Line. This No-Bake Foundry system was sold to SAF, by MetalTech Systems. Thanks to Palmer Mfg and MetalTech Systems, SAF now has a No-Bake Capacity of 10,250 molds/year per shift.

Known for years in the foundry industry, Palmer has developed the reputation for building heavy, reliable, hard working equipment designed for years of use in the rugged environment of the foundry. This same philosophy and ability goes into their manual, semi-automated, and fully automated molding systems.

Key Palmer Equipment of the No-Bake System:


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PMH Scissor Style Mold Handlers


Transfer Cars

SDAM - Shakeout Deck Attrition Mill

SDAM – Shakeout Deck Attrition Mill

M50XLD High Speed Continuous Mixer

M-Series High Speed Mixers

RD-Series Rollover - Draw Machines

RD-Series Rollover – Draw Machines


Carousel Molding System