MetalTech Systems

Vibra-Drum Sand Casting Equipment


  • Totally enclosed structure contains airborne silica and dust for a cleaner work environment.
  • The VIBRA-DRUM® brings controlled metallurgical cooling to castings for a better quality end product.
  • Non-rotation design is easier to feed, unload, hook up to your air handling system, and to maintain than competitive shakeout technologies.
  • The scrubbing action of the VIBRA-DRUM® produces cleaner casting surfaces, reducing shot blast consumable consumption up to 20%.
  • The two-mass drive system uses up to 2/3rd’s less energy compared to direct drive machines, creating substantial energy savings.
  • The gentle tumbling action in the sand bed helps protect castings from casting on casting surface damage. The net result is a significant reduction in scrap and rework post shakeout.
  • Springs: GK vibratory springs are designed for 24/7 continuous duty, and require little to no maintenance over the life of the machine. GK heavy-duty springs do not break or wear out under normal operation.
  • Parts: The natural frequency drums have few moving parts. Maintenance for sand casting equipment is contained to bearing lubrication and monitoring of motor and drive components.
  • Drive Force: Natural frequency vibration of the VIBRA-DRUM® produces a beneficial drum-like material rotation that quickly reduces sand lumps without casting damage. The tumbling action of the VIBRA-DRUM® scrubs the casting surfaces without sustaining casting damage.
  • Non-rotation design is easier to feed, easier to unload, and easier to maintain.
  • Heavy-duty liners are made of abrasion resistant wear plate to last.

Proven in hundreds of applications worldwide, VIBRA-DRUM® Sand & Casting Conditioners have revolutionized high volume mold/sand handling for foundry applications. This versatile Two-Mass system gently tumbles castings and provides accelerated casting cooling through equalizing of sand/casting temperatures and evaporation of moisture. This tumbling action reduces sand lumps to original grain size and blends sand to equalize shakeout sand temperature — all in one continuous, energy-efficient operation.

The gentle tumbling action of the VIBRA-DRUM® keeps the castings in a bed of sand, never dropping or creating impact during the shakeout process. This action provides the gentlest shakeout in the industry, allowing the automated shakeout of fragile castings.

The Two-Mass VIBRA-DRUM® delivers continuous shakeout operation, plus superior material motion for efficient sand and casting processing. Natural frequency vibration produces a beneficial drum-like material rotation that quickly reduces sand lumps without casting damage. High-frequency agitation efficiently reduces sand to original grain size. Put it all together and you have a simple, easy-to-maintain, non-rotating design with all the environmental benefits of a totally enclosed drum — but with no air handling, sealing, or interface problems and no casting damage.