DE-STONER® Air Classifier for Wood

The GK DE-STONER® Air Classifier for Wood creates distinct material separations of heavies from lights for maximum processing and maximum profits.


The DE-STONER® Air Classifier combines vibratory action with air streams to effectively separate high volume production rates up to 5,400 cubic feet per hour (150 cubic meters per hour). The high velocity / low pressure streams fluidize and stratify material according to differential in terminal velocity of particles. Heavy items such as glass, metals, and stones are separated from lighter wood, mulch or pellets fraction. The DE-STONER® Air Classifier is available in standard sizes with widths up to 72 inches (1800mm) and custom sizes engineered based on your application.

The GK DE-STONER® Air Classifier for Wood is designed with a screen section at the entrance of the unit for enhanced sizing and separation. Material is conveyed through DE-STONER® Air Classifier with vibratory action to help liberate, and spread material evenly across the width. The fluidizing zone passes air through the material stream, creating turbulence, and promoting stratification of lights and heavies. Material is then presented to the air knife, where heavies drop through the air stream to the heavies discharge chute below. Marginal density material lands on the adjustable landing plate and recombines with the heavies. The lighter wood fraction is then conveyed over the landing plate and discharged off the end of the DE-STONER® Air Classifier. The ultra light wood fraction is propelled out of the DE-STONER® and recombines with the clean wood fraction.