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Portable Single Stream Sorting System Now Available From MetalTech Systems

MetalTech Systems of Pawleys Island, SC and Hartner Engineering of Gundelfingen, Germany are introducing a new modular portable sorting system, the Trans-Sorter, to the US market.

Image o fTrans-Sorter

The Trans-Sorter allows you to quickly sort your recyclables at a low cost. The Trans-Sorter enables you to profitably recover materials from a waste stream. The container dimensions allows for the equipment to be easily transported through cost-effective transportation methods. The Trans-Sorter can be quickly assembled through hydraulic telescopic supports.

Image of Trans-Sorter
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The Trans-Sorter is capable of being adapted for use on almost any waste stream.

The Trans-Sorter guarantees you a high throughput rate with low operational and maintenance costs.

Image of Trans-Sorter

Hartner Engineering is a leading supplier of recycling solutions for the European and Asian markets.

MetalTech Systems markets, manufactures, designs, and installs recycling systems and equipment throughout North America.

Download the Trans-Sorter brochure for more information.