The story of MetalTech Systems began in 1987. In the beginning they were an independent representative organization. Most of their business at this time was focused in the metal-casting industry, working with many of the premier equipment and systems suppliers in the foundry industry.

As time went on, MetalTech Systems began to grow. They started to design and manufacture systems and equipment. They would even be the organization whom would be installing this equipment. Throughout the years, they have built up a diverse, experienced and knowledgeable staff, who all had their specialized areas of expertise.

MetalTech Systems - Building

Building strong relationships with partners along the way, have been a key element to MetalTech System’s growth and success. These partners were in various industries, such as, Metal-Casting, Solid Waste Recycling, Bulk Material Handling and Aggregate – Mineral Processing, just to name a few.

MetalTech Systems keeps a small-scale staff, to make sure their customers are getting the individual consistent help they need. President Paul Hanna and Vice President Richard Howard, believe in being easily accessible and dedicated to checking in on their customers, to ensure continued satisfaction.

MetalTech Systems excels at projects such as consulting, maintenance and repair, design, manufacturing and installation. With everything they do, they are engineering solutions for the future.


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