Working Side by Side: SXS Screen™ by GK


Florida’s Southern Waste Systems (SWS) needed an efficient and effective way to handle a combination of MSW and C&D material. The solution was the new SXS SCREEN™, a revolutionary side-by-side screen design from General Kinematics (GK), Crystal Lake, Illinois.

PaulThe SXS SCREEN™ at it’s College Avenue site in Davie, Florida, screens MSW with two lines rated at 50 tons per hour, for a total throughput of 100 tons per hour or 1,000 tons per day. SWS can hit it’s numbers because of the efficiency of the SXS SCREEN™. “We were all pleasantly surprised how quickly the material moves downstream on the screens,” ssays SWS General Manager, Paul Valenti.

With the high stroke of the SXS  SCREEN™, more energy goes into the materials for faster travel and better separation. The result is more effective recovery. In addition, the simplicity of parts exchange with SWS’ existing GK units was vital. Standard parts are all that are required for the side-by-side screens.

The SXS SCREEN™ is the latest success story in a partnership between SWS and GK that goes back more than 20 years and includes more than twenty-five pieces of equipment at SWS locations.


General Kinematics

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