Xpert – Dual Transmission

The Xpert machine is based on Xray Transmission technology that uses a dual energy sensor to avoid any thickness issues in detecting the materials. The primary uses of the Xpert machine are for sorting plastics with halogens, light versus dense metals, and organic streams.

What can it sort : Plastics, Metals, Organic, Inert



The Technology

The Pellenc ST Xpert is a high-tech optical sorting equipment based on dual-energy X-Ray transmission technology. It detects and sorts objects based on their atomic density. The Xpert has reliable hardware features such as an X-ray sealed tube and HV generator, a technology that has proved its efficiency with 30 years in the industry.

The Benefits

-Dual-Energy Detector

for enhanced sensitivity and results independent from thickness

-Extended Lifetime

with HV generator with sealed tube up to 15,000 hours

-Standard, High Resolution and High-Power Nozzle

bars available

-High Radiation Protection

standards, NF C74-100 and NF C15-160 accredited

Xpert Applications

Separation of Metals by atomic density

Aluminum, Magnesium vs Copper, Zinc

Separation of Aluminum

From wires, rubber and black objects

Separation of BFR Loaded Plastics

Brominated flame retardant loaded plastics

Leaded vs Non-Leaded Glass

Such as cathodic screen waste

Separation of Stones, Glass, Metals

From a wood or organic stream