Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Stacks

IVI has designed, fabricated and installed industrial ventilation exhaust stacks in all sizes and throughout the world. Our custom solutions have resulted in exhaust stacks ranging from two feet to nearly 20 feet in diameter, in a variety of steel types including carbon, stainless and Corten.



Our dust and fume collection system engineers can determine the height and discharge diameters of ventilation exhaust stacks to ensure compliance with any modeling requirements and other code stipulations. We design the diameter and height of each unique industrial exhaust stack based on the volume of air being discharged and dispersed, coupled with wind/seismic requirements.

Each stack is essential in maintaining air quality emissions regulatory compliance for your facility. Throw regulations are determined by the Department of Natural Resources and are reviewed carefully during the engineering, design, fabrication, install, and testing of your exhaust stack system. Regardless of height, a stack’s discharge velocity will be identical, although higher stacks will produce lengthier throw.

IVI also provides the support and infrastructure needed for a complete stack design including engineering and design of the foundation requirements, and any access platforms required to perform testing and maintenance.