Triple Knife DE-STONER® Air Classifier

The Triple Knife DE-STONER® makes at least three distinct classifications… heavies, lights, and ultra lights.
Optional pre-screening sections can be included to remove fines or other sized material.
The DE-STONER® uses air instead of water to separate heavy product from light product, eliminating the mess and environmental hazards water separation creates.
Virtually jam-proof design with no moving separator parts.
Inherently simple, fully isolated design minimizes foundation requirements.
Versatile design separates material of different density, or equal densities with varying particle size.
The DE-STONER® is driven by energy efficient low horsepower motor.
Rugged, heavy duty construction withstands 24-hour operation.


Maximize automated air classification with General Kinematics all new Triple Knife DE-STONER® Air Classifier. The patent pending Triple Knife DE-STONER® creates up to three distinct material cuts… heavies, lights, and ultra lights, for maximum material reclamation.
How the DE-STONER® Works
Energy-efficient vibratory action and high velocity, low pressure air streams work in tandem to fluidize and stratify commingled materials according to differences in terminal particle velocity. Many DE-STONER® systems are designed with “air curtains” to provide further separation after the initial cut of “heavies”. The result: fast, efficient removal of heavy materials such as stones, metallics, and glass from lightweight materials such as aluminium, paper, plastics and wood.

Simple, dependable dry system
Our economical, completely dry DE-STONER® system eliminates the need for a water supply and other attendant system problems found with wet tanks and other water based separation systems. However, the DE-STONER® can easily handle moist materials.

True Triple Knife System
The Triple Knife DE-STONER® separates material using two air knifes on the interior of the machine and a third knife located at the outlet, creating a cleaner product for C&D and other mixed, high volume waste materials. Units can also include pre-classification and fluidization sections for additional material separation, providing a cleaner, higher value heavy and light material.
Existing Dual Knife DE-STONER® can benefit from an upgrade to the triple-knife for further separation of materials like light wood from light paper. Upgrades are an easy weld-on attachment.