Storage HT

Universal – modular – robust: Hartner STORAGE HT

Modern plant demands flexible charging and even batching. This was the idea behind the design of the STORAGE-HT.

A system that can be adapted to your operation due to its modular construction. Each sorting chain can be loaded continuously by different modules, making effective use of available space.
The storage volume can be increased at any time by adapting a further module. Basic-Module contains all the major components of the drive and the control unit. By adding further modules, the storage capacity can be increased as desired.
Optimal batching and quantity limits are achieved by topping it with a module with Dosing-drum. The mat thickness can be specified exactly.

• Variable hopper size from 10 to 100m³, modular Adjustable.
• Reduction of Wheelloader usage due to fully automatic Operation.
• For difficult to dose Materials like Industrial- and Commercial Waste.
• Load Monitoring on dosing Drum with automated anti clogging system.
• Good proportioning with slight material deformation or deterioration
• Constant and exact dosing up to 40tph.
• Optional Components available.
• Virtually maintenance-free



• Robust moving floor system
• Variable dosing drum Speed
• Overhead dosing drum conveying
• Hopper also usable without proportioning drum as an individual unit
• Two proportioning drum diameters available
• Very effective material dispersal for materials with a propensity toward bridging (e.g. Wastepaper)

Functionality of STORAGE HT:


1. The Material filled in with Wheelloader.

2. Material transported by Push-Panel-Floor to Dosing Drum.

3. The Dosing Drum pick up and transport the material to the subsequent process.

Push-Panel-Floor Cycles:


The moving floor is divided into three groups.
1: Group 1 reverse
2: Group 2 reverse
3: Group 3 reverse
4: Group 1 +2 +3 forward simultaneously, material is transported.The direction of flow isreversible.