S.O.R.T. 10 Single Stream Recycling System

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The S.O.R.T. 10 provides a cost-effective solution for single stream recycling. The system can process between 8-10 tons per hour.

Features include:

  • Capable of recycling commercial and office waste
  • No pits required
  • Only requires 5000-6000 sq. ft.
  • Ballistic separation technology reduces maintenance costs
  • Modular construction system
  • Low height



The S.O.R.T. 10 is an efficient system from start to finish.

An automatic bag opener receives incoming waste. This includes a metering bunker. This allows for a continuous input of waste without using the loader.

To deal with waste containing a high percentage of glass, a vibratory finger-screen takes material as it leaves the bag opener. This allows for the easy removal of broken glass and OCC and extends the life of the equipment.

A 3 fraction separation of incoming waste is performed by the ballistic separator. This reduces the need to sort the waste manually.



The ballistic separation technology utilized in the S.O.R.T 10 allows for a very efficient process and the entire system is capable of handling multiple streams. Large tonnages can be processed every hour.

The return on investment with the S.O.R.T 10 is possible because of the low capital investment required for the system. This simple system is low in terms of cost, but puts through a great deal of waste per hour. The small footprint of this recycling system allows it to be installed in smaller facilities.

The metering system, automatic bag opening system and pre-screening systems that work for both glass and cardboard cut down on costs and this also enhances ROI. The S.O.R.T 10 provides a compact, low-investment solution for recycling businesses that need to ensure that their facilities are functioning efficiently and cost effectively.

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