Rotary Core and Mold Making Tables

  • Any Diameter is Possible
  • Automatic Table Indexing
  • Top Conveyor for Molding Operations
  • PLC Interface


Rotary Core and Mold Making Tables With BeltThe rotary core making table provides a slow moving, continuous work surface that is designed for varied core production. The standard table design has the mixer and the operator position outside the table. However, the tables can be designed for interior operator or machine use as an option.

Adjustable rotational speed provides for timed production rate that is required based on the curing rate of the sand. When the core box arrives 180° from the fill point, it is stripped. The empty box is placed back on the rotary table while the core is set on staging racks, out-feed conveyors, or the like.

The table is powered with a DC, variable-speed chain and sprocket drive. A standard heavy duty foot pedal Rotary Core and Mold Making Tables Drive Systemfor the mixer operator or core box stripper that can be configured to either stop or start the table on initiation depending on need.

These tables are ideal for core rooms that run multiple no-bake core boxes simultaneously or have limited core making space.