Mistral Film

The only optical sorting solution for plastic films at
both the MRF and Recycling stages. This patented
designed spectrometer along with the Turbosorter
achieves performances with plastic films that are
unmatched with traditional methods on the market.




Pollen ST offers a full sorting solution for plastic films at both the MRF and Recycling stages. Films can be separated at the MRF level from other plastic containers, including rigid PE containers. Plastic films can also be purified from contaminants at the recycling level, removing contaminants such as PP+PVC, Fibers, Metal, PS, HDPE (rigid), and nylon ropes. The MISTRAL FILM machine can easily make distinctions between films made of PE, PP, and PVC thanks to the specially and unique designed MISTRAL spectrometer and focus lighting system. The patented designed spectrometer allows Pellenc STS to achieve performances in the plastic film market that are unmatched by the rest. The MISTRAL FILM machine also uses the Pellenc ST Turbosorter which stabilizes light weight objects at high speeds for accurate sorting.


  • Tailored made spectrometer using all information in the NIR range and Focused Light System
  • Pellenc ST TURBOSORTER air stabilization system.
  • Special ejection box designed to handle light films using aeraulic treatment
  • Compressed air regulator
  • Light object blower
  • Filter blower
  • External AC power supply
  • Jam blower

The Pellenc ST TURBOSORTER is a unique air stabilization system that creates an linear air flow at a precisely controlled speed to stabilize light weight objects while keeping a high throughput and accurate sorting with these materials.