Mistral Dual Vision Optical Sort


Most polymers used in industrial and household packaging (PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, etc.)

Technical Plastics

Used in the manufacturing industry (ABS, HIPS, ABS-PC, PA, PU, PVC)



Paper, cardboard, wood by class.


Organic Materials

Recognized positively


Food Cartons

Used in household packaging



Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, textiles, etc.

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Technologies : NIR Chemical Imaging, VIS Color

Using Near-Infra red and Vision technologies, the Mistral machine is equipped with the most advanced technology in the optical sorting industry. The Mistral machine is used in every application in recycling: MSW, MRF, RDF, C&D, Industrial, WEEE, PET, Film, Paper, Plastics, Organic.

What can it sort : Plastics, Film, Fibers, Organic, Wood, Electronics, Color, and Others.

Includes a focused lighting system, on or more sensors with specific settings, an acquisition and data processing chain and a pneumatic ejections system. Depending on the version, Pellenc ST machines are equipped with three complementary detection technologies: near infrared spectrometry, visible spectrometry and induction.