HULA-HOPPER® Bin Activator / Feeder

  • Infinitely adjustable flow control using GK’s VF wheels or electronic VFD.
  • Extremely low headroom design reduces bin activator height requirements.
  • Easy to service design.
  • Backed by GK’s 100% process guarantee.


The General Kinematics HULA-HOPPER® bin activator is an improved vibratory equipment concept based on operating principles proven in thousands of General Kinematics installations. Within a single, extremely low headroom unit, HULA-HOPPER® combines material activation, infinitely variable flow rate control, and positive flow shut-off all into one bin activator unit; yet installation, service, and operating costs are dramatically lower than for comparable bin activator systems.

HULA-HOPPER® bin activator eliminates many problems associated with more complex, brute force vibratory machinery because of its simplified operating design. As a two-mass vibratory unit, HULA-HOPPER® uses a low-horsepower motor drive, therefore electric power needs are minimal. Orbital action eliminates compacting and bridging because only material drawn out is activated.