Holding Magnets

The Javelin ultra-high gauss holding magnet was developed to attract and hold low grade stainless steel scrap found in electronic scrap, wire chopping lines and auto shredder residue. The basis was to minimize the need for manual picking of smaller pieces of stainless out of the waste stream. Especially in the wire chopping lines, the introduction of stainless into the feed stream to the final granulators wreak havoc on granulator blades and grates.




The 300 grade stainless steels in their pure form have virtually no magnetic potential, however after it has been cold worked or shredded, the potential increases to the point where it can be held by a very strong magnet. Many of the other grades of stainless in their natural state do have magnetic potential so they too are susceptible to magnetic attraction.

The Javelin Ultra High Gauss magnet has a very strong field on the surface which will hold the stainless to the face. However, the material must be presented in a mono-layer to the magnetic surface because the field depth is quite shallow.

The units come in two standard sizes 48” wide and 30” wide. We will consider special widths.
The frame is fabricated from 304 stainless and the belt is .090” urethane belt. Thinner belts can be employed. The pulley diameter is 12” on the outside of the stainless steel sleeve. The bearings are 2-15/16” 2 bolt flange, which allows for some movement to help with tracking. The take-ups are tube in tube type with 1-15/16” pillow block bearings. The drive motor is a 3 HP Sumitomo shaft mounted reducer.

Gauss on the surface of the sleeve is nominally 13,000. There will be spots slightly higher and some slightly lower. A stainless steel sleeve is used to cover the magnets due to their very high corrosivity.

It is recommended the unit is fed with a vibratory feeder in order to give the material the best spread across the belt and eliminate “clumps.”