Vibratory Slag and Casting Quenching Conveyors

  • Vibratory action conveys post-quench material to a container or further processes while retaining the water bath in the trough.
  • Closed loop water system is clean and easy to maintain. New water is added only to compensate for loss through evaporation.
  • Vibratory conveyor is balanced and isolated to minimize vibration transmission and foundation requirements.
  • Designs available with customized drives and troughs to meet your elevation requirements.
  • Standard features include stainless steel trough construction and bolted wood plank inlet for maximum protection against corrosion and molten contact wear.


Originally designed and patented by General Kinematics in the late 70’s, GK’s vibratory quenching conveyors are the original and still the most rugged machine for quenching slag, dross, and castings, and other hot metal and metal by-products.

Vibratory Quenching Conveyors

General Kinematics vibratory quenching conveyors combine a water reservoir within a vibratory feeder to provide you with a clean and effective way to quickly cool castings, or other hot materials. GK vibratory quenching conveyors accept hot material directly, instantly quenching the material.


Vibrating Slag Quenching Conveyors

General Kinematics vibratory slag quenching conveyors quickly cool slag, converting it to popcorn slag that can be resold for beneficial use as a reclaimed material. The molten slag is quenched and cooled in the vibrating slag quenching feeder’s water chamber, then is conveyed out, ready for immediate disposal.
Enhanced performance and recovery can be achieved by using GK’s Dry Slag Cooling Conveyors prior to their vibratory slag quenching conveyors. Using this process, foundry users can eliminate popcorn slag, pans, and apron conveyors. With the GK dry slag system, slag is conveyed and transformed into pancake slag on GK’s patented cooling deck conveyor and can immediately be containerized or can be discharged to a quench tank. Units are available in custom widths and lengths to fit your process.