Vibrating Charge Feeders

  • Patented charge feeder nosepiece expands to prevent jams, fits tight to furnace hood to contain fumes and any potential splashback, and directs charge into center of furnace to reduce furnace damage.
  • Noise reduction vibrating feeder troughs for quiet loading and unloading.
  • Heavy duty vibratory feeder designed for 24/7, 365 operation with little maintenance requirements reduces your planned downtime.
  • Two-mass, natural frequency charge feeder design requires very little energy to operate, reducing your energy costs.
  • Variable speed material discharge.


General Kinematics vibrating furnace charge feeders and charge systems give you precise automated batch control, optional scrap drying and other charge enhancement capabilities. Equally important, automated systems help improve worker safety.
Charger nosepiece is designed specifically for your furnace to control fumes and direct the charge into the center of your furnace. Vibrating furnace charge systems can be motorized to move forward, backward, up, down, or transversly. In special applications, vibrating charge feeders can be fully radio controlled and independent of rails.