STM-S™ High Capacity Vibrating Screens

  • Available in standard sizes to handle from 580 – 1800 metric tons per hour.
  • Custom sizes, decks, and other options are available.
  • Use up to 75% less horsepower than conventional screen designs.
  • Backed by GK’s 100% Process Guarantee.



STM-S™ single deck and STM-D™ dual deck series of vibrating screens utilize GK’s proven two-mass / sub-natural frequency drive design which uses up to 75% less horsepower than conventional screen designs, significantly reducing energy consumption and cost. Dual in-board vibratory motors eliminate expensive belts, shafts, and bearings for increased uptime, longer service intervals, and the lowest cost of ownership available in a vibratory screen package.
Unitized design allows for rapid unit removal for reconditioning, and the modulated polyurethane screen decks are designed for convenient installation and replacement.


Model # of decks Width Length
STM-S1537 1 1.5M 3.7M
STM-S1849 1 1.8M 4.9M
STM-S2149 1 2.1M 4.9M
STM-S2461 1 2.4M 6.1M
STM-S3049 1 3.0 M 4.9 M
STM-S3061 1 3.0 M 6.1 M
STM-S3073 1 3.0M 7.3M
STM-S3685 1 3.6M 8.5M
STM-D1537 2 1.5M 3.7M
STM-D1849 2 1.8M 4.9M
STM-D2149 2 2.1M 4.9M
STM-D2461 2 2.4M 6.1M
STM-D3049 2 3.0 M 4.9 M
STM-D3061 2 3.0 M 6.1 M
STM-D3073 2 3.0M 7.3M
STM-D3685 2 3.6M 8.5M