MINI-MRF™ Recycling Systems

  • Easy to install system design.
  • General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ for separating minus sized material from overs.
  • Heavy-Duty pick belt and sorting bins.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Perfect for small businesses or municipalities.
  • Optional sorting modules for easy expansion as your business grows.


MINI-MRF™ Recycling Systems IconThe MINI-MRF™ from General Kinematics is a low tonnage recycling system designed for high efficiency recovery of material. Base systems include primary screening with a quad station pick line, all mounted to an easy to install support system designed to utilize roll-off containers as material sorting bins. Additional options include extended pick lines, magnetic ferrous and non-ferrous separation, and GK’s DE-STONER® Air Classifiers to maximize your material recovery.