Dual Knife DE-STONER® Air Classifier

  • The DE-STONER® uses air instead of water to separate heavy product from light product, eliminating the mess and environmental hazards water separation creates.
  • Virtually jam-proof design with no moving separator parts.
  • Inherently simple, fully isolated design minimizes foundation requirements.
  • Versatile design separates material of different density, or equal densities with varying particle size.
  • De-Stoner driven by energy efficient low horsepower motor.
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction withstands 24-hour operation.


The General Kinematics Dual Knife DE-STONER® is a performance-proven method of separation and classification for a wide range of recycled materials.
How the De-Stoner works
Energy-efficient vibratory action and high velocity, low pressure air streams work in tandem to fluidize and stratify commingled materials according to differences in terminal particle velocity. Many DE-STONER® systems are designed with “air curtains” to provide further separation after the initial cut of “heavies”. The result: fast, efficient removal of heavy materials such as stones, metallics, and glass from lightweight materials such as aluminium, paper, plastics and wood.
Simple, dependable dry system
Our economical, completely dry DE-STONER® system eliminates the need for a water supply and other attendant “wet” system problems. However, the DE-STONER® can easily handle moist materials.
True Dual Knife System:
The Dual Knife DE-STONER® separates material using two air knifes, creating a cleaner product for C&D and other mixed, high volume material. Units can also include pre-classification and fluidization sections for additional material separation, providing a cleaner, higher value heavy and light material separation.