Charge Pre-Heat Systems

  • Adaptable to any size furnace.
  • Allows use of lower cost wet or oil contaminated scrap.
  • Efficient drying or heating to 1200 degrees F for reduced furnace energy demand.
  • Faster furnace charge cycles.
  • Flexible layout for any installation.
  • Loads multiple furnaces with less equipment.
  • Single operator, automatic control capability.


An Integrated Scrap Pre-Heat Process that Increases Furnace Productivity and Reduces Operating Costs
By combining weigh hopper, pre-heat hood, material transfer, and furnace charging into a single automated process, General Kinematics gives your melting operation a new level of cost efficiency.
Pre-heating drives off moisture and other contaminants from the charge material for a safer, more efficient operation. A pre-heated charge reduces induction energy needed to complete the melt, and the resulting shorter melt cycle dramatically increases furnace output. In addition, the use of lower cost natural gas or fuel oil for pre-heating means even higher earnings on your investment dollars.