CD-XXL™ C&D Recycling Systems

  • Apron conveyors for loading and elevating product.
  • FINGER-SCREEN™ for separating material into primary and secondary sort lines.
  • Eddy current magnets for removal of metal from secondary sort line.
  • Secondary screen for removal of fines.
  • Heavy-Duty pick belts for primary and secondary line.
  • DE-STONER® Air Classifier for separation of heavies from lights on secondary line.


The CD-XXL™ is a medium to high tonnage C&D recycling system designed for high efficiency recovery of material. Systems include primary and secondary screening, metals separation, air classification, and primary and secondary pick lines. Each system can be custom designed to meet your recovery objectives.
The CD-XXL™ system is designed for 450 yards / hr. (344 m3 / hr.) or more.