CD-MAX™ C&D Recycling Systems

  • Apron conveyors for loading and elevating product.
  • FINGER-SCREEN™ for separating material into primary and secondary sort lines.
  • Eddy current magnets for removal of metal from secondary sort line.
  • Secondary screen for removal of fines.
  • Heavy-Duty pick belts for primary and secondary line.
  • DE-STONER® Air Classifier for separation of heavies from lights on secondary line.


Nothing processes more than the CD-MAX™ system from General Kinematics. The CD-MAX™ contains the same primary design as our CD-XXL™ systems, but is upsized to handle extreme throughput and maximum tonnage of up to 750 yds. / hr. (574 m3 / hr.) or more!
The CD-MAX™ starts with initial separation using General Kinematics proven FINGER-SCREEN™ technology. From there, material is split into two separate sorting lines, primary and secondary. On the primary sorting line, larger material is manually sorted and recovered. On the secondary line, the minus material separated by the FINGER-SCREEN™ is run through multiple mechanical separators, which could include vibrating screens, magnetic separators, trommels, or star screens. From there, remaining material is manually sorted, then remaining product is processed in General Kinematics DE-STONER® Air Classifier.
When you need serious sorting capabilities, go with the MAX… CD-MAX™ from GK.