AIR-DUO™ Pneumatic Feeder Drives

  • AIR-DUO™ drive requires minimal energy to produce maximum results.
  • Low maintenance design for increased uptime.
  • Optional controls available to integrate into existing systems.
  • Provides wide range of feed rates in a single unit for optimizing process throughput.
  • Backed by GK’s 100% Process Guarantee.


AIR-DUO™ Pneumatic Feeder Drives from General Kinematics puts more energy into your feeding systems than standard pneumatically driven feeder designs. Utilizing a two-mass spring system, energy is amplified to do more work with less energy. Finite control of product flow rate is easily accomplished with the simple turn of a valve. AIR-DUO™ is available as an option on GK’s S-SERIES™ feeders and other vibratory equipment.