Continuous Sand Mixers and Batch Sand Mixer Blades

  • 20 Ft3 Hopper
  • Low Sand Interlock
  • On Board Chemical Rack with Containers up to 10 gal Capacity
  • Multiple Resin Levels
  • Calibration Timer with Remote Start/Stop Buttons


Palmer Cube Mixer

This new option allows the user to move the mixer easily using either a forklift or overhead crane. It is ideal for foundries that make large molds which require specialty facing sands (Chromite, Zircon, etc.) or need to take the mixer to the mold rather than take the mold to the mixer. This unit is also an ideal demo machine for resin companies and other foundry consumable suppliers

According to owner, Jack Palmer, “This new design meets the needs of anyone making large molds requiring specialty sands. Molders no longer have to wheelbarrow or bucket prepared specialty sand for the core room to the molding floor. We are proud to provide the industry with another productivity and quality improvement tool.”