The CD-EXPRESS® from is a low cost, entry level recycling system designed for highly effective recovery of Construction & Demolition (C&D) commodities. The CD- EXPRESS® system is designed to process up to 150 yards per hour (115 m3 / hr.) for separation of a variety of C&D materials. The heart of the system begins with GK’s vibratory FINGER- SCREEN™ Primary Screen followed by a picking line.


As your inbound material grows, so can your recycling system. With CD-EXPRESS®, you have the ability to expand your system.
Expansion includes a larger GK FINGER-SCREEN™ Primary Screen, secondary screens, additional pick station, DE-STONER® Air Classifier, and transfer belts. Thereby converting your single line CD-EXPRESS® to a dual line sorting system.



 Entry level system with a small, effective footprint to get you up and running.
 Recovery of:
 Wood. Used as fuel or converted to landscape mulch
 Concrete, bricks, rock and aggregate. Reused as construction fill or recycled into new concrete.
 Dirt and fines. Accepted as landfill cover.
 Metals, ferrous and nonferrous. Sold as valuable scrap.
 Cardboard. One of the higher valued commodities.
 Plastics. Depending on the markets.
 Future commodities… System flexibility to allow for potential market shifts.
 General Kinematics FINGER-SCREENTM Primary Screen for separating minus sized material from overs.
 Heavy-Duty pick belt and sorting bins.
 Low feed system: Low feed system includes vibratory feeder and inclined belt to enable system loading with front end loader or skid steer.
 Optional platform canopy: Protect your workers from weather and the elements.
 Cross belt with magnet: For automated removal of metallics from waste stream.
 Engineered for overseas shipping to minimize transportation costs anywhere in the world.