Cartridge Dust Collectors

If your company operations produce dry particle or smoke emissions, dust collection systems, such as a cartridge dust collector, may be your best solution to air filtration and air quality control. IVI, Inc. has the ability to design, build and install the exact system to meet your specifications, saving you time and resources long-term.


Cartridge dust collectors have a large filter area in proportion to their size and are suitable for dry, fine dust and can be equipped with lots of different types of filter materials. They are preferable on systems with contamination lower than 100 ppm, or contamination levels lower than 0.01% in weight and conditions not prone to moisture. There are a number of other qualifications as well that require technical considerations.

Due to deep pleats on the cartridge bag, companies are able to utilize cartridge dust collectors in tighter spaces while still maintaining the highest of air filtration standards. However, if your industry processes produce moist particles, cartridge bag pleating within a cartridge collector can easily become difficult to clean and maintain. That’s why IVI project managers will work with you to evaluate full scope of emissions before installing a cartridge dust collector. If a cartridge dust collector isn’t the right fit, IVI’s team of experts will work with your team to find the best ventilation solution and mechanical dust collector for your needs.