Bulk Bag Frames and Loaders

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  • Safe and Effective
  • Ease of loading and unloading
  • Eliminates need for bulky frame.



Bulk Bag Frames and LoadersPalmer Manufacturing can supply you with virtually all of the products you need for the handling and usage of bulk bag systems. While still much easier than 50 pound bags, bulk bags can still be hard to handle. This simple yet effective tool makes the handling and unloading of bulk bags easy.

Both the lift and swing functions are hydraulically powered, eliminating operators having to push and pull on the bags. In addition to this, once the bag is lifted, this unit is designed to hold the bag during use, eliminating bag frames that not only take up valuable space around the process machine but are difficult to load.

Call or email us with your particular requirements so that we can size a unit specifically for your application. Four post lifters are also available.