BALL-SORT HV (Ballistic Separator)


The BALL -SORT HV is the strongest machine in the range. It was designed to meet a need for ballistic separation in extreme applications. Almost all materials can be processed with the BALL -SORT HV: residual household waste , industrial waste or construction debris crushed . As the spearhead of the range, this machine  – incomparably efficient and robust – offers a solution to almost all applications.

Why ballistic rather than screening separation?
Through the use of a ballistic separator, coarse and heterogeneous mix of material can be processed ; flats and bulky will be separated. In addition, the fine fraction is recovered during the same step. Depending on the materials and their nature, can get quality separation up to 98% with rates up to 100 m3/h.

As for the other ballistic separators BALL-SORT series HT, WT, and VX, the machine is equipped with a patented eccentric crankshaft with resistant and easily replaceable bearings. Given its use for heavy loads, eccentric bearings are doubled. All parts in contact with product are coated HARDOX: frame, paddles, mesh. The machine has a long lifetime and maintenance costs very low.



• High throughput with best separation results, sorting quality up to 98%
• Can be used for difficult to be screened material
• Consistent separation quality over the entire life
• Matching accessories available
• Easy adjustment to a wide variety of materials
• Low operating costs
• Optional extra available
• Maintenance friendly with central lubrication


• Pre-crushed rubble
• Household waste (single stream, commingled material)
• DSD material (LVP and PET)
• Industrial and commercial waste
• Waste paper
• Other waste or heavy products


Through the connection between the different gradability (ability to overcome inclines during conveyance) and the differing ballistic behaviour, the material for separation in the machine can be affected by the angle of the incline.
Rolling, dimensionally stable bodies, bottles and other hollow objects adhere to the ballistic principle and are “shot out” of the machine at the front side. Foils and other unstable parts migrate to the machine overflow (back side) dependent on their ability to climb. Fine-Material falls through the Sieve-Lattice.

1: Input-Material
2: 3D / Heavy Fraction
3: 2D / Light Fraction
4: Fines
5: Paddle