BALL-SORT HT/WT (Ballistic Separator)


The BALL-SORT HT is the most sold Ballistic Separator for Light Packaging and household Waste. A wide Range of Machine-Types available to fit to all Application on the Ballistic-Separation. The Separation Process takes place in only one step. Here, the material is broken down into a rolling, flat and sieve fraction, which is highly suitable for further processing. In the separation of single stream, light packaging and co-mingled waste, BALL-SORT HT is the first choice for effective sorting process with low cost and high availability.

BALL-SORT WT is a medium heavy Ballistic Separator for Waste like Commerical and Household Waste. He is qualified to split the Material to three Fractions in one Step. The Paddles and Side walls of the Machine equipped with Hardox for hard use.




• Rugged Machine-Design for durable Application
• Patented Eccentric-Crankshaft with rugged changeable Bearings
• Many Types for each purpose
• Sievearea from 6m² to 34m²
• 4 useful width (1.57/2.07/2.6/2.76m), 6+8+10 Sievepaddle at each Machine.
• 2 Sievepaddle-width available (253/338mm)
• Troughput up to 200m³/h


• Municipal Solid Waste
• Single Stream
• Commingled Material
• PET Bottles
• Industrial- and Commercial Waste
• Wastepaper


Through the connection between the different gradability (ability to overcome inclines during conveyance) and the differing ballistic behaviour, the material for separation in the machine can be affected by the angle of the incline.
Rolling, dimensionally stable bodies, bottles and other hollow objects adhere to the ballistic principle and are “shot out” of the machine at the front side. Foils and other unstable parts migrate to the machine overflow (back side) dependent on their ability to climb. Fine-Material falls through the Sieve-Lattice.

1: Input-Material
2: 3D / Heavy Fraction
3: 2D / Light Fraction
4: Fines
5: Paddle