MetalTech Systems is pleased to announce the signing of a sales representative agreement with Javelin Manufacturing. This relationship allows Metaltech Systems to represent Javelin Manufacturing’s complete product line including Eddy Current Separator Systems.

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Javelin Manufacturing’s Eddy Current Separator Systems have the strongest magnetic field in the industry. This ensures the longest throw for a cleaner used beverage container (UBC) and aluminum recovery.

Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator

The Mobile Eddy Current Separator System offers the same great features and applications.  The mobile unit can be equipped with an Eddy Current Separator with a mobile length up to 60 feet.  This Mobile Eddy Current Separator System can be used with ground power or a generator.

Mobile Eddy Current Separator
Mobile Eddy Current Separator

About Javelin Manufacturing

Javelin Manufacturing was formed specifically to bring the best Eddy Current Separator for nonferrous applications to market. The company was formed by a consortium of firms, all of which brought specific areas of expertise to the Javelin’s development. The underlying motivator was the knowledge that the MRF market had been under-served; that higher recovery levels and cleaner material were economically achievable.

About Metaltech Systems

MetalTech Systems designs, manufactures, and installs Single Stream, C&D and MSW recycling systems and equipment throughout North America.


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