August 17, 2021 — MetalTech Systems, Inc. was recently requested by the city of North Augusta, South Carolina to repair its Ballistic Separator.

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The Ballistic Separator is a mechanical device that separates recyclable waste into three categories: 2-D, 3-D, and fine material. The separator completes this task using paddles, which rotate in an elliptical pattern pushing the 2-D material forward and dropping the 3-D material backward. The 2-D materials are flat recyclables, such as paper and cardboard. The 3-D materials include plastics, bottles, and cans. Fine material such as glass falls through the paddles’ openings. The Ballistic Separator replaces disk screens, eliminating wrapping and costly downtime.

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However, over time the consistent movement of abrasive material wears down the separator’s paddles, and they ultimately must be replaced. Seven years after the Ballistic Separator’s installation, the city of North Augusta needed to have its paddles replaced. MetalTech Systems was up to the challenge and responded to North Augusta’s request. The Company sent Installation and Service Manager William Cooper and his crew to install the new paddles and make certain the machine was fully operational. Cooper used his expertise to replace five of the eight paddles most in need of repair in a few short days.

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