LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liners and Bodies by General Kinematics

Do you have a rotary drum in your foundry that is showing its age, but are not ready to purchase a new one? GK’s patent pending LOCK-TITE™ rotary drum liner system and replacement bodies are designed to upgrade your existing rotary machine to the latest in rotary technology.



Reline your existing drum

If your existing rotary drum shell is still in good shape, upgrade your liner system with GK’s
LOCK-TITE™ liners. The completely modular system is easy to install and even easier to maintain. Installation is easy using clamp bars and standard hardware. Expected installation requirements are limited to a 2 or 3 man crew with a forklift (and boom) and impact wrench for an expected change out time of approximately one to two shifts, allowing replacement to take place over a weekend. Replacing panels is as easy as unbolting and sliding a new panel in. Or, for localized wear areas, patch plates are easy to locate and weld in place directly to the liner… something you can’t easily do with other liner systems.

Upgrade your entire rotary assembly

GK provides complete rotary replacement assemblies for most brands of rotary equipment. Each rotary assembly is custom engineered to fit your existing drive system and structure. Rotary shells utilize the same long-lasting components as all GK rotary drums, including forged tires, GK’s LOCK-TITE liners, and abrasion resistant steel construction. Additional components, including new chains, wheels, bearings, and more, are available from GK to assist you in rebuilding your rotary drum system.


Source: GeneralKinematics